Enhanced Focus and Mindfulness

Injury Prevention and Muscle Recovery

Personalised Environment



A dedicated space for stretching fosters focus, relaxation, and consistency. Promoting improved flexibility, reduced stress, and overall well-being.

Having a designated area for stretching helps create a focused and mindful environment. It allows you to disconnect from distractions and fully immerse yourself in your stretching routine. This dedicated space serves as a reminder to prioritise self-care and bring a sense of calm and intention to your stretching practice.

Regular stretching in a specific area promotes consistency and encourages incorporating stretching exercises into your daily routine. Over time, this can lead to improved flexibility and increased range of motion in your joints and muscles. The dedicated space serves as a constant reminder to prioritise and engage in regular stretching, resulting in long-term benefits.

Stretching plays a crucial role in injury prevention by promoting better muscle elasticity and flexibility. Having a designated space allows you to focus on performing stretches correctly and safely. Regular stretching helps alleviate muscle tightness and reduces the risk of injuries during physical activities. It also aids in muscle recovery by improving blood circulation and reducing post-workout soreness.

A dedicated stretching space provides a peaceful and inviting environment that encourages relaxation and stress relief. Engaging in stretching exercises releases endorphins, the body's natural feel-good hormones, which can help reduce stress levels and promote a sense of overall well-being. It serves as a personal sanctuary where you can unwind, rejuvenate, and find inner balance.

Our dedicated stretching zone creates an ambiance that inspires tranquility, with soothing music, aromatherapy, and soft lighting. This space enhances the overall experience and encourages regular use of the space for stretching, making it a welcoming haven tailored to your comfort.


The Power of a Stretch & Mobility Zone

Transform your stretching routine with our dedicated space designed to enhance your tranquility and focus. This will provide you with a serene environment that promotes relaxation and mindfulness during your stretching sessions. Experience the power of our designated area tailored to your needs, and unlock a deeper level of peace and well-being as you embark on your stretching and mobility journey.




Learn everything about your Stretch and Mobility session at the Recovery Room.

The ideal duration for stretching sessions may vary depending on individual needs and goals. Generally, it is recommended to spend at least 10-15 minutes on stretching exercises each day to achieve optimal benefits. However, remember that even a few minutes of stretching can be beneficial, so find a duration that works best for you.

Stretching can be done at any time of the day, but many find it beneficial to stretch in the morning to kickstart their day or in the evening to unwind and relax. It can also be beneficial to stretch before and after physical activities to prepare your muscles and aid in recovery. Find a time that suits your schedule and allows you to focus and enjoy the stretching experience.

Stretching should not cause pain. While you may feel some mild discomfort or tension as you stretch, it is important to distinguish between discomfort and pain. If you experience sharp or intense pain, it is advisable to stop the stretch and consult with a healthcare professional. Stretching should be done within your comfort zone and should not cause injury.

The majority of stretching exercises can be done without any equipment. However, certain props such as yoga mats, blocks, or straps may enhance your stretching experience and assist in achieving proper alignment. These props are optional and can be beneficial for specific stretches or if you prefer additional support or stability.

Stretching offers several benefits for athletes, including improved flexibility, enhanced range of motion, increased blood flow to the muscles, and reduced risk of injury. Regular stretching can help optimise athletic performance by promoting better muscle function, aiding in muscle recovery, and allowing for a wider range of movement during sports activities.

Pre-workout stretching can help warm up the muscles, increase blood circulation, and prepare your body for the physical demands of exercise. Post-workout stretching aids in reducing muscle soreness, promoting muscle recovery, and maintaining or improving flexibility. Consider incorporating both types of stretching into your routine for optimal results.